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The RITM machine

   RITM is designed for surface treatment of materials by a pulsed electron beam; it ensures melting and evaporation of thin surface layers on metal tools of different applications.

RITMТs performance characteristics:

  • Maximum electron energy Ц 35 keV;
  • Average electron energy Ц 10 keV;
  • Beam current Ц up to 20 kA;
  • Pulse duration Ц 2-4 μs;
  • Beam diameter Ц up to 10 cm;
  • Beam energy density Ц up to 20 J/cm2;
  • Non-uniformity of the energy density across beam - less than 20%;
  • Pulse frequency Ц up to 0.2 Hz;
  • Working gas pressure Ц 0.3-1 mTorr;
  • Power consumption Ц less than 3 kW.
  •     RITMТs closest analogue is a PIKA FINISH MACHINE, produced by Sodick Inc. (Japan) under a license from the Institute of High Current Electronics SB RAS.