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Electron-beam polishing

   Surface polishing with electron beams is one of the main applications of the RITM machine: it is successfully used in a variety of technological processes. Polishing of various tools and articles of irregular shape, such as dies, moulds, and metallic dentures is a complicated and labour-intensive task. An electron beam treatment significantly simplifies this task and fulfils it by a factor of ten faster than with manual or even mechanical polishing. Moreover, an important aspect is that it requires no abrasives as is the case with the latter two, since abrasives could penetrate the polished surface and persist there as inclusions. The figure shows the surface of a titanium specimen prior to and after e-beam treatment. It is evident that the surface roughness has noticeably decreased due to e-beam polishing.

Smooting of Titanium surface


Effect of electron-beam surface polishing on punch made of D2 steel